You can experience making Bizen-yaki pottery here.
The staff will teach how to make the pottery in a relaxed manner, so anyone from small children to adults can easily make their own original Bizen-yaki pottery.
In addition, events to make seasonal pieces such as Furin (wind chimes) and Christmas wreaths are also held (*irregular basis).
You can feel the charm of Bizen-yaki pottery in your hands through a variety of pieces. Why not try making “Bizen-yaki pottery,” a specialty of Okayama, as a memory of your trip?
When you visit Okayama Castle, please feel free to stop by Okayama Castle Bizen-yaki Pottery Studio.

●Regular experience

Fee 1,250 yen (clay 500g)
Time required About 60 minutes *This is the total time including reception, experience, etc.
Start time (1) 10:00 AM – (2) 11:00 AM - (3) 1:00 PM - (4) 2:00 PM - (5) 3:00 PM –
*Priority given to those who have a reservation. Please contact us in advance.
What you can make One round plate/One square plate/Five chopstick rests/Two leaf-shaped plates/One small bowl/One Japanese teacup
*From the above six options, please choose one that you would like to make.
*Some of the above options are subject to change.
Precautions - The firing process is “Hidasuki (a pattern of reddish lines)” style in an electric kiln.
*Only chopstick rests are fired in “Goma (sesame seed-like pattern)” style.
- The clay will be shaped using a potter’s wheel operated by hand.
- It takes about 1-2 months to complete the firing.
- For shipping the completed pottery, shipping costs will be charged separately.
- Those who hold a disability certificate, etc., will receive a 200-yen discount from the fee (only for holders themselves).
*A disability certificate, etc., means a physical disability certificate, a rehabilitation certificate, a mental disability certificate, a medical care benefits recipient certificate to support independent living of persons with disabilities, a medical care benefits recipient certificate for specified diseases, a medical care benefits recipient certificate (designated intractable diseases), and a SMON certificate.
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