Come Visit And Gather At Okayama Castle

We provide information on “visiting” and “gathering” at Okayama Castle, including access to the castle and nighttime use.

Learn About Okayama Castle

We introduce the history of Okayama Castle, its features and successive castle lords and you can “learn” about the castle more deeply.

Major Renovations During Reiwa

Okayama Castle has been reborn after completion of the “Major Renovations During Reiwa.” Here, we introduce key points about the renovations.

Visiting And Gathering

  • Map of Honmaru’s Features
    Introduction to features inside Honmaru (main enclosure and keep) of Okayama Castle
  • About the Tenshukaku
    Basic information about the Tenshukaku (castle tower), including fees and opening hours
  • Bizen-yaki Pottery Studio
    Information about “Bizen-yaki Pottery Studio,” a facility where you can experience making Bizen-yaki pottery by hand, located in the lower level of Okayama Castle
  • Introduction to Merchandise Shop and Cafe
    Information about the merchandise shop, “SHOP Kin-ujo” and “UJO cafe” located in the Tenshukaku
  • Ujo Park
    Introduction to Ujo Park surrounding Okayama Castle


  • History
    Explanation about the history of Okayama Castle
  • Successive Castle Lords
    Introduction to the main lords of Okayama Castle
  • Introduction to Major Renovations During Reiwa
    Introduction to key points about “Major Renovations During Reiwa” completed in November 2022